what boxes
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My dad the sassmaster
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Tom Hanks enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.
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"We need a plus size princess!"

We’ve already got one


Just because Disney didn’t do it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done



if i ever become famous i’m going to create a fake account on twitter and tumblr and be part of my own fandom and i will be like bffs with my fans and we’ll fangirl over myself but they would have no idea it’s me

and then one day i would call them on skype and see the blood run out of their faces

i’m afraid of you

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how to finger a girl: put your tongue in it.

Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.

- Yoko Ono, 1977 (via e-vaporate)
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Beginnings are elusive things. Just when you think you have hold of one, you look back and see another, earlier beginning, and an earlier one before that. users online